The Cherian Foundation
Areas of Focus

Community Participation

Subjugation, discrimination and calamities can leave one with a feeling of inadequacy, helplessness and being uncared for. Sustained communal subjugation and discrimination based on gender, class or any other can have long term sociological implications. Children from rural areas hardly get an opportunity to interact with their city counterparts. When the Tsunami of 2004 struck our coast many were left with a sense of despair and helplessness, not knowing how to carry on. There are many amongst us who needs our attention and care to get through the day. This area focuses on inculcating a feeling of ‘I matter’ for those who feel marginalised and alienated.

Cherian Foundation extends a helping hand for the cause of an inclusive community; a community that accepts and encourage the working women, the orphans, the aged, the differently abled, children from broken homes, victims of natural disasters etc. Apart from supporting and contributing to other charitable institutions, The Cherian Foundation also runs a crèche for the benefit of the women factory workers with young children. The cultural day for the staff and workers of Raj Global Holdings organised during the Christmas season is another significant effort of the foundation.