The Cherian Foundation
Areas of Focus

Educational Support

It is an everyday struggle for children of minimal income parents to stay in school. Just as they do in the rest of India, a majority of students in the state of Tamil Nadu go to govt/ panchayat schools. Visit any of these schools and you will be greeted by children so bright and hard working, each outshining the other in their enthusiasm and ambition. The spirit of these children is overwhelming when you take in their environment. Their schools are housed in dilapidated classrooms, with no safe drinking water or proper sanitation. For lack of infrastructure, sometimes, up to 5 different classes get conducted simultaneously in the same classroom. Sometimes the problem is a broken home and social environment where they are victims of alcoholism, domestic violence, poor nutrition, abuse and so on.

The Cherian Foundation lays its primary focus on supporting and encouraging children going to Panchayat and Corporation schools, by providing them a positive environment. We assist and initiate projects that reach out to these children. It includes undertaking of renovation of govt schools, building residential facilities, scholarship programs, liasoning for various social organizations like Round Table MMRT42 and Centenary Charitable Trust projects, literacy programs, digital literacy programs etc.

Educating children builds a competent workforce of the future. Taking care of these young minds can ensure that they achieve their full potential