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CREATE (Centre for Rural Education, Advancement, Transformation and Empowerment) with Rotary Club of Madras.

Rotarian George Cherian initiated the CREATE project during his presidential year to provide an integrated boarding and lodging facility, along with basic education, vocational training, development of life skills, and improving community health and hygiene to rehabilitate disadvantaged rural youth and help them realise their full potential. The facilities are to be built on 35 acres of land, in a phased manner:

Phase 1
- Boys residential facility (completed)
- Community Medical Centre

Phase 2
- Community College & Vocational Training Centre,
- Primary & High School
- Rural Sports Centre

Phase 3
- Senior Citizen Home

Phase 4
- Model Village

CREATE is a further development on what our Trustee, Past District Governor Rotarian Benjamin Cherian, initiated with Rotary Club of Madras in 1988 in partnership with the International Children’s Trust, UK - The concept of Boys Town. All the boys under the care of the residential facility come from nearby villages and they are from families which are financially unstable. Most of them suffer the effects of communally discriminative policies and domestic tribulations. Once at the facility, their nutrition and health is immediately improved. Away from the disruptive domestic influences, the young boys are given due attention, mentored and taught discipline. There is a substantial advancement in their academic performance. They are also taught to look beyond their immediate needs, their surroundings and are made aware of their civic and social responsibilities. Through consistent counselling, the young boys show greater desire to pursue their higher studies. After they complete their 10th and12th grade, they are given guidance and assistance in securing college admissions they can opt for vocational training. They are also given training in basic computer and English.

Most of these boys are the only educated adult in their family and sometimes in their community too. 90% of the boys go on to support their parents directly, 15% buy their own house and 50% buy their own vehicles. These young achievers are role models in their community. They contribute directly to lowering the rate of dropouts from schools.

Towards the CREATE project, Mr. Benjamin Cherian contributed Rs 51,00,000 through Cherian Foundation. Rotary Club of Madras Benjamin Cherian Residential Block was inaugurated in March 2012.

CREATE Brochure
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