The Cherian Foundation

TCF Initiatives

TCF gives scholarship to the best students amongst the wards of the company employees. The students are divided into 4 categories based on the level of education. Apart from this, TCF also provides specific scholarship amounts annually to the Centenary Charitable Trust and to the Inner Wheel Club of Madras. On request, scholarships and sponsorships are provided to deserving other candidates also.
One of Cherian Foundation’s own initiatives is the literacy programme offered to the factory workers of Raj Hair International Pvt Ltd and B&H Exports. Interested candidates are given weekly lessons to identify numbers and read basic Tamil words. The aim is to empower them in their day to day activities like visiting the bank, using the ATM, reading bus boards, writing leave letters, putting down signature, more efficient at work place, helping their children etc.
Eye and dental problem are usually ignored by the lower income group if the symptoms are not acute which usually makes it worse over a period of time. The same applies to blood pressure and diabetes. To prevent this, we conduct free eye and dental and general medical camps every year for the 700 odd staff and workers of Raj Global Holdings. Free spectacles and cataract surgeries are made available to those who need it.
Periodically, TCF conducts awareness programs on varied subjects like health care, stress management, time management, reproductive health, polio, nutrition, child labour, safe use of LPG cylinder, alternate source of income etc for the staff of Raj Holdings. On important days like International Women’s Day, guest speakers are invited to talk about specific topics for the benefit of the staff.
As an encouragement to the children going to our adopted schools, TCF conducts annual sports day for them. The children are divided into 4 categories based on their age and gender and the 1st and 2nd position in the various races are given prizes.