Schools into Smiles

Schools into Smiles

Schools into Smiles With Centenary Charitable Trust

Children studying in government schools have great difficulty to give prime importance to their education. The schools lack basic infrastructure that is needed to give the students a sound learning environment. The family background of these children might also be financially unstable, making it highly challenging for them to concentrate on their studies. Schools into Smiles was thus initiated by TCF to bring a smile on the students through their educational course by providing a holistic learning experience. This is our flagship campaign where we aim to help the adopted schools, the Rotary Model School at Mugappair and Social Service League School at Queen Mary’s College campus. Some of the ways we support these schools are through the reconstruction of the schools, providing good water facilities, distribution of 50 computers along with English and Tamil KnowIT CDs, setting up a library and conducting Annual Sports day. Beyond this, all activities of the 130 Government schools are sponsored and maintained under the Schools into Smiles Campaign.

E-learning initiative by TCF

To improve the standard of student’s education, high quality curriculum-based E-learning (audio-visual) modules in local languages were introduced in 130 State/ State-aided schools. The E-learning modules aid in improving the language abilities, enhance knowledge absorption and learning abilities of children through a standard language and pronunciation in voice-overs for various concepts in audio visual format. It is an E-learning device that contains the ‘Samacheer Kalvi’ syllabus from Nursery to XII Std (video & audio content) with a set of speakers and a projector.

The Cherian Foundation collaborates with Schools into Smiles Project of the Centenary Charitable Trust focusing on improving the quality of facilities in Government schools that lack basic infrastructure, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities. Most of these school buildings are old and deteriorating, with almost no sanitation facilities and also lack safe drinking water. While the school is the place where children spend a majority of their daytime, all these factors make it unsafe for the children studying there.

Apart from this, we have awarded scholarships for 49 students who excel in education and also children of single parents. We continue to support the students from 1st Std upto 12th Std until they pursue their higher education.

Donate to Educate

You can join us in our initiative ‘Schools into Smiles’ by donating for Child education. For donation in INR: All donations to The Cherian Foundation are exempted from tax u/s 80G of IT Act. Please send your contribution in favour of “The Cherian Foundation”, specifically to Wig Donation.

For foreign contribution: You can send your cheques or DD in favour of “The Cherian Foundation“

How can you help?

  1. You can support a school by providing the e-learning kits, sanitation facilities and infrastructures. Kindly let us know how you would like to help, we will send the detailed proposal.
  2. To support a student scholarship cost – Rs. 5,000/- includes school fees, uniform and books.

Monetary Contribution

You can also support the Child Education by your generous donation to this project

For donation in INR All donations to The Cherian Foundation are exempted from tax u/s 80G of IT Act. Please send your contribution in favour of “The Cherian Foundation”. For foreign contribution Alternatively you can send your cheques or DD in favour of “The Cherian Foundation